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Whether you’re a recruiter or a job seeker, when it comes to the cannabis industry, competition is fierce, regulations tend to be grey, and positions are severely limited.  This means that cannabis jobs are not only hard to find, they’re hard to fill because many of these jobs are positions of trust.

From selling nickel and dime bags on the streets at age 14 to consulting for some of the top cannabis companies and media today, I’ve built the personal and professional networks needed to find a highly skilled, trustworthy person to fill your position, or help you begin or upgrade your career in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis jobs and positions that I’ve filled include:

  • Manicurist/Trimmers & Teams
  • Cannabis Writers & Bloggers
  • Cannabis Photographers & Videographers
  • Dispensary & Cannabis Club Staff & Management
  • Board Positions
  • Transport Specialists
  • Geneticists & Breeders
  • Growers
  • Cannabis Attorneys
  • Translators
  • Cannabis Models
  • Social Media Managers
  • Web Developers

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