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Green is the New Gold

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Strategic investing with The CannaBiz Consultant precludes penny stocks and traditional commodities.  Instead, I focus on those individuals and companies that are looking to invest in specific aspects of the cannabis industries.  If you are looking to open a cannabis club, dispensary or coffeeshop, develop or participate in a cultivation operation, get involved with cloning, breeding or genetics, or fund other operations such as edibles, extracts and concentrates development, I can help ensure that your investment is a success.  I can also vet potential investments for flaws and risk.

Because many startups contact me with funding queries and business plans, I can connect investors to projects that are interesting and profitable, after the project has been thoroughly vetted. This means that I will only present companies, individuals and projects that are truly ready for your funding and collaboration.

Rates of return on hard investing in the marijuana industry are often high but not without risk, depending on the region/s where you intend to operate.  In order to determine if there is a marijuana investment that is right for you, to vet a new proposal or to improve an existing investment, please Contact Me Now