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Cannabis Product Evaluations & Marijuana Strain Reviews

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Laboratory testing of cannabis is vital for the health and longevity of the industry, but it’s not a truly holistic method of evaluating cannabis products.  After checking for potency, terpene profile and contaminants in the laboratory, there are still a number of metrics that must be evaluated from a human standpoint;

  • Visual Appeal
  • Taste
  • Aroma
  • Market Value 
  • Perceived Potency
  • Perceived Duration
  • Tolerance

Cultivation centers, coffeeshops, geneticists, cannabis clubs and other entities often call on me to evaluate their cannabis products from a human standpoint.  Whether you’re looking to add a new extract to your cannabis establishment or your’re close to stabilizing a strain you’ve developed, I can provide extremely valuable, industry-insider advice and analysis of your marijuana strain or other cannabis product and make recommendations to ensure its success.

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