Aquisitions – Equipment & People

Get the People & Equipment You Need for Your CannaBusiness

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Acquiring the products, tools, equipment, expertise and manpower needed to successfully and profitably operate your cannabusiness can be extremely challenging. In fact, in some cases it can seem downright impossible – especially without the right connections and resources.

Whether your company is a grow operation seeking a discreet team of manicurists, a cannabis club recruiting a cultivation contractor, a cancer patient seeking medical-grade cannabis oil or an entrepreneur looking to bring your product to a new market, I can help you acquire what you need, including:

  • Grow Equipment – Discreet Acquisition & Delivery
  • Professional Cannabis Manicurists
  • Cultivation Center – Sourcing & Acquisition
  • Cannabis Trimming Equipment 
  • Transport Specialists
  • Raw Materials – Extractions & Concentrates Production
  • Electrical Specialists
  • Disposal Services & Discreet Waste Cleanup
  • Trim Materials Acquisition
  • Testing Equipment 
  • Storage and Holding Centers

By leveraging a vast network of tested connections in the industry, your project can be brought to fruition safely and effectively. To find out what I can do for you, Contact Me Now