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Description: Orphaned as a toddler and homeless from an early age, Russ Hudson started selling marijuana while living on the streets at age 14. By 21, he was smuggling weed from Mexico to New England, and by his thirties, Hudson was brokering cannabis deals for major international players in the industry. This book chronicles Hudson’s marijuana-centric life, following him through his years of street-level dealing, narrow escapes from authorities, time spent in juvenile detention centers and jail, his frustrations and joys of growing marijuana, and his ascent through the world of cannabis to become one of the world’s most well-known and trusted consultants in the field. Hudson’s extraordinary life is proof that even the most downtrodden, luckless person can accomplish the impossible. An intense, fast-paced ride, this book is the unforgettable account of how one man journeyed from seed to sage.

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