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I am Russ Hudson, founder and Editor-in-Chief of, founder of, and a leading expert on cannabis clubs in Spain and The Netherlands. As a certified search marketer (SEC#01372), professional writer and cannabis industry expert, I have been called upon by cannabis startups, established marijuana businesses and veteran journalists to provide insight and even-handed reporting and research into a variety of cannabis industries. My counsel has been trusted and my work discussed or featured by:

But unlike most “consultants,” who generally only offer advice and don’t wield any concrete skills, I bring a wealth of verifiable talent to the table that would normally require an entire team of professionals. I offer a comprehensive solution that virtually assures your success in the cannabis industry through the holistic and meticulous development of your brand or product presence.

Whether your cannabis-related business or organization requires an entirely new web presence, intensive content development or a masterful PPC campaign, I have the experience and resources needed to help you achieve success.

*Can’t figure out how to get more readers to your marijuana-related articles?
*Need a professional Fixer?
*Looking to recruit employees, or seeking a job?
*Need to build quality links?
*Does your cannabis branding scheme need help?
*Taking a cannabis product to a new market?
*Want to open a cannabis club or coffee shop?
*Need to develop compelling content for your site?

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Whatever your needs are, there are powerful options waiting for you to start implementing right now. In this explosive but fledgling industry you must take immediate and sustained action; because if you’re not moving forward today, you can be certain that your competitors are. I can make it possible for you to compete in this white-hot market without requiring a massive budget or multiple agencies to get the job done right, and we can start today.

Whether you need a complete cannabis website development solution or just one finely crafted article, you can feel confident that I will deliver precisely what you need, exactly when you need it. To get started, Contact Me Now, or review my services modules below to learn more about what I can do for you:

Cannabis Branding Services

Make a powerful statement without saying anything at all. Become a 420-friendly household name.

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Cannabis Website Development

Professional Wordpress website development for cannabis and marijuana businesses.

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Cannabis Search Marketing

Organic and Paid search marketing services to dominate the explosive cannabis markets

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Cannabis Content Development

Attract the right audience with the right content at exactly the right time.

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